Free Money to Play Online Poker? Enter Rakeback!


All online poker players should be aware of rakeback. Never heard of it? Do you like to earn money for something you are already doing? Then read on. Go to any casino in Vegas or Atlantic City and if you wager enough at a poker table, any good hotel will give you some comps.

They may include a free dinner or show or comping your hotel room. When you play online poker, the websites can’t offer you these services. What they can and will do is give you a percentage of the rake back. The rake is how they make money. The players are playing against each other so there are no house odds in online poker. The house has to make their money somehow, and they do that by taking a little cut of each pot won.

It is not hard to find a website that offers rakeback. All you have to do is a quick online search and there are numerous websites out there that will tell you which online poker websites offer the best deals and which websites you should avoid.

Most websites that offer rakeback pay out monthly. There are a few that will pay out weekly or daily. Do some research and find the best one that fits. A person that plays a lot, has multi tables going daily for a few hours a day can generate monthly four figure payouts. This obviously will either help the profits you already made or put a nice dent into your losses. Rakeback is basically free money at your disposal. You should definitely take advantage of it if you are not already.

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