Florida Upping The Ante in Lottery Scratch Offs With $30 Ticket


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Lotteries around the country will push just about as far as the market will allow. If gamblers continue to pay more for scratch off tickets, then lotteries will produce them.

That is the case in Florida. Several years back, the Florida Lottery started making available $20 scratch off tickets. Now, because the sales were strong for the $20 ticket, they are soon going to offer their new $30 ticket.

The $30 scratch off will be called $600 Million High Roller. The top prize for the ticket is approaching Lotto status. The big prize will be $20 million, which will be payable in annual installments for twenty years.

The total amount of chances to win will be fourteen, spread out over five games. One of the gamers will be “Roulette”. The game will feature three wheels. A player will scratch their wheel number, then have to match it with the wheel numbers.

“Slots” is another game on the card. The object of this game will be to get three matching amounts in a row.

“Your Rolls” is a game where a player will have to roll a seven or eleven to win.

“Fast $100” is a simple game at the top of the ticket where winning is as simple as uncovering a money bag. If that is the case, the player wins $100.

The other game on the card is “High Card”, where the player needs only to have a higher number than the dealer to win.

January twenty third is the date of the release of the new tickets.

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